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A professional full stack C# developer with 6 years of experience and exposure to a large amount of technologies.

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Who I Am

I'm a professional C# developer with 4 years of experience. I am a full stack developer with experience in different technologies including Entity Framework, Winforms, WPF.

My day to day work has me jumping between multiple languages like SQL, PowerShell, Bash, Docker, Groovy, and JavaScript, so starting something different is nothing new to me.

I want to be a developer who helps other developers. Making tools and systems that increase productivity and robustness are fun and challenging. I use the Joel Test to measure my improvements.

What I am Good At

Writing the software

From C#, to VBA and SQL, I've got a wide range of programming skills.

Building the software

I have extensive use in Jenkins and other CI tools, and can build a one-click build environment.

Keeping the software modern

Researching the latest technologies is a blast, and upgrading code to newer standards is a joy.

Maintaining the software environment

I like to set up systems to support the code base and keep development flowing.

What I Have Done


The chatbot's purpose is to assist a group of users in handling numerous review items more efficiently. The bot uses a database to store the results of registered members. Chat commands are used to retrieve statistical information and recommended guidance.

In February 2016, we gave the program a much needed overhaul and delivered version 2.0. Driving this process was my 5 thousand word function specification .

The program is written in c# and uses Entity Framework 7 code-first for the database access layer. Data is stored in a PostgreSQL database. It is compiled with Mono and hosted in a Linux Docker container. The database runs in its own Docker container which is linked using Docker Compose.

The Common Library

Every developer ends up copy and pasting the same simple helper methods between many different programs. This repository is a suite of helpful classes and extension methods that I use very frequently. Each department of the library is packaged separately and uploaded to Nuget.

Features include:

  • Common extension methods for frequently used data types.
  • Framework for creating command line programs with automatic command line argument parsing.
  • Simple database access to sql-server, mysql, and postgresql that encourages parameterized statements.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers. The site consistently is the first result on Google for nearly all programming problems. As an active member, I have contributed over 200 answers, sharing my knowlege with 355,000 people. I am in the top 10% for c# questions, and top 20% for ASP.Net and Linq.


Besides being a programmer, I also lead an online community. In the SO Close Vote Reviewers (SOCVR) chat room, we specialize on site-wide moderation discussions. My tasks include creating and maintaining policies, rules enforcement, and coordinating team meetings.

Example: This Website

Software can get complex. Here's how this website works.


LESS compiled to CSS.

TypeScript compiled to JavaScript.


Minimize and combine files.

Move files to proper hosting locations.


Provides client side assets

ASP.Net Core MVC

C# Back-end.

Routing Engine and provides back-end logic.

Continuous Integration

CI server automatically compiles code on master branch push.

Creates Docker image from successful code.


Application lives inside a Docker container.

Container is linked to an HAProxy instance which feeds internet traffic.

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